Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Microsoft Helps Teachers Get Digital

The classroom is often the site for stimulating innovation but unfortunately the tools used are not that innovative. Kids are beyond bored by the current teaching methods and are prohibited from using their cell phones, laptops and other emerging tech goodies that are components of their daily lives. Instead of banning technology from classrooms, teachers and administrators from preschool to college should consider integrating it as education aids since they are platforms that kids and young adults feel the most at home and engaged with, especially when it comes to sex education.

Microsoft explored how schools are failing to adapt to their students’ digital lifestyles at their School of the Future World Summit in Seattle. Microsoft also showed off some of their projects that aim to remedy the digital disconnect, like their “content-creation tools” for teachers to assemble digital content for students and a Surface tabletop computer that could revolutionize how information is presented and absorbed.

Microsoft’s School of the Future World Summit has planted the seeds to get educators thinking about embracing technology in the classroom. Imagine if homework assignments could be sent from the teachers “content-creation tool” directly to youth’s cell phones (so there’s no excuse for them not to get their assignments done) or if they could display critical sexual health information and diagrams on those sexy Surface tabletop computers.

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