Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Student-Run, University- Based Sex Zines Say Wha?

The prevalence of university-based, student-run sex zines is on the rise. And we're thankful for it. Rice University via Open magazine (which also hosts some pretty steamy content) is just one of the few who have rolled out a "sex-trivia pub night" with the goal of getting students to talk honestly about their sexuality in a time where sexual health information is restricted by religious groups. Students break into teams and answer "erotically charged questions". The most sexually knowledgeable team wins a $20 tab at the on-campus, student-run hang out. How cool is that?

It's fair to say that we would love to see more of these sex trivia nights spring up on university campus' around the country, to not only get young people talking about their sexuality but to also engage them in a dialogue around sexual health. The more comfortable one is with their sexuality, the more at ease they feel when sexually based questions arise that need answers stat. We can only hope that more universities and their zines follow suit and drop us a line when they do!

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