Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sexual Literary 101- check out SexSmartFilms!

Lookie here! The sexual revolution has finally come full circle with the newest addition to the Internet, SexSmartFilms. SexSmartFilms promotes online sexual literacy. The website boasts: "Imagine having access to a constantly updated digital warehouse of sexuality education, research, and therapy films from the past 70 years. That describes SexSmartFilms."

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Mark Schoen, who was also a presenter at the ISIS Sex::Tech 2008 conference (don't miss Sex::Tech 2009 scheduled for March 22-23), he has collected hundreds of rarely seen or heard of sex education training videos that were produced for the U.S. military, sexual health professionals and educators. These short films/videos are now available to download and view at little or no charge. The underlying theme is that all of the shorts are "educational tools" and can be used by educators, health care professionals, corporations or just curious folk for relevant content on sexual health issues.

SexSmartFilms actually provides the context for the films listed. That is, there will be pre and post viewing suggestions along with a brief synopsis that includes the appropriate audience for any title viewed.

You can either purchase a "monthly viewing plan" that gives you access to the entire video library, including some classic U.S. military shorts on STD prevention for our WWII boys; or, watch the "free" videos. All the videos are categorized by topic, and there are over 20 "channels" from which to choose.

SexSmartFilms also aquires videos and is currently looking for either amateur or professional media.

Take a look, you will DEFINITELY learn something - the feature video this week is The Internal Clitoris with Betty Dodson and I learned a heck of a lot in 3 minutes!


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