Friday, December 5, 2008

In the Life (ITL-TV) pays homage to AIDS

On my never ending quest to entertain and inform, I got an email message giving me a heads up to a new public television program called In the Life - new to me that is.

Broadcast nationally for more than 16 years, IN THE LIFE has been a staple of public television. Since 1992 IN THE LIFE has been a essential tool for informing LGBT citizens, educating the broader public, and a vital contributor to the national dialogue on LGBT issues. Their mission is to reach the largest audience possible to educate, challenge, and inspire viewers from all walks of life.

This month's IN THE LIFE looks at the current state of HIV/AIDS and the continuing effort to educate and communicate the peril it still presents. The episode AIDS IS STILL A BIG DEAL arose out of the research of two NY Public Health professionals and New York University has produced an innovative web-based campaign telling the story of a young gay man in New York City who meets sex partners on the Internet.

A change in attitude can lead to a change in behavior. After watching the episode I realized how easy it is to "opt out" of being responsible for my own health. This segment really brought the message home, its my responsibility to ask what I need to know - to ensure I know my status is before I go any further than first base.

To find out the station and time IN THE LIFE airs on in your community, click here. Check it out, there are episodes from past shows as well and who knows, you might even find yourself going to changing your attitude as to how you handle your affairs.


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