Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sex::Tech 2009 was a roarin' success

Hello y'all!

We rocked the JW Marriott for two full days (Sunday/Monday, March 22nd/23rd) with the Sex::Tech 2009 Focus on Youth conference.

More than 400 attendees enjoyed an array of speakers from Rutgers, NYU, University of Colorado, UCLA, and that was just the researchers!

The "un-conference" was a huge success -- with about 15 different folks signing up to host informal one-hour discussions with their peers on the spot!

And talk about an opening plenary! BuckWorld One took it to a whole new level -- the street-cred dancers from Riverside County brought the attendees to their feet. The passion and professionalism they showed in their dance -- which spoke on themes of racism, misogyny, street violence, oppression and a lot of other social ills -- were really amazing. The crew left everyone invigorated for the rest of the conference.

You can check out Sex::Tech (click) for a sampling of what we all experienced and what you should make sure you get a chance to experience next year.


Friday, March 20, 2009

YPulse at SXSW - getting the lo-down on teen webbing

Hello y'all,

Well, we're at the eve of Sex::Tech 2009 and all I can say is wow! Kickin' off this Sunday, March 22nd at the J.W. Marriott in San Francisco, California we here at ISIS are truly ready to rock the house! For those of you who want to show up prepared, I offer you this bit of blog to enhance and enrich your Sex::Tech 2009 experience.

Our friends at YPulse, namely Anastasia, headed out to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas last week to host a roundtable on "What Teens Want in a Website", and wrote about feedback from youth panelists. The youth talked about a bunch of topics, including the age old battle - MySpace versus Facebook, MS being for the "urban youth" and FB catering to "suburban youth". Turns out that neither of these social networking sites are all that "hot" right now, and that the youth have moved on to other, more relevant ways to social network via technology.

Which brought up the conversation about moving away from the computer screen and handlin' teen biz via texting, which has truly surpassed any of the social messaging networks. Teens get a phone, and wham-bam-thank you ma'am (ol' skool talk), it's On!! And these teens still text more than talk, remember talking??, which allows more privacy than MS/FB.

The panel also discussed brand sites, video, twitter, the whole mix of what y'all teens get yourselves involved in nowadays, when you have the spare time. It seems that all of these topics were of interest, but none of them really dominated the teen panel's time.

Overall, the article points out a few really good facts, based on the teen panel that is........teens are more interested in mobility than sitting in front of a computer screen. As far as being "techies" teens are workin' the text thing like mad, new tech is not something that these teens had a real passionate desire to explore.

Read all about it so that when you are sitting in the Sex::Tech workshops you'll be right on top of the dialogue and possibly add some of your own!

Enjoy the show and we all look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Golden Gate Express Turning Up the Heat on Sex::Tech

Hello all,

The SEX::TECH 2009 conference is ON! And we've got none other than our good friends at San Francisco State University, Golden Gate Xpress newspaper writin' us up!

Check out this awesome interview with none other than ISIS' Youth Outreach & Marketing Coordinator, Margaret Lucas (and SFSU alum), keepin' it real about what to look for at the Conference. Definitely check out the article to see how youth and technology are shaping everything from health outreach strategies, to political campaigns!

We know you've heard tons about it and are excited to participate - so make sure you get down to the JW Marriott Hotel, 500 Post St., San Francisco (near Union Square) and make it happen!

We got straight from the inland empire, BuckWorld, rockin and krumpin' to open the show. It's gonna be off the chizzain!

Blessings for a beautiful weekend......

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sex::Tech 2009 Focus on Youth is making noise

Happy Friday, y'all! We're in full "conference" mode over here at ISIS, getting ready for our second annual Sex::Tech 2009 Focus on Youth shindig....and we're not the only ones. Found this great little blog, A Day in the Life, that is also is singing Sex::Tech praises. Seems as though lots of students were unsure if they could make it to the conference since it fell on a weekday, but the good news is that Spring Break begins during the same time so it works out perfectly.

Sex::Tech 2009 schedule has been finalized, and it is smokin'! Conference news is being blogged so you keep track of all the latest, last-minute updates and announcements. Sex::Tech 2009 is the only conference of its kind that provides a forum where technology folk, sexual health professionals and youth (ages 14-24) can come together to talk about how technology can be used to promote positive sexual health practices to youth.

We are going to have an amazing host of presenters, including Kevin Bertram, CEO, Distributive Networks, the folks behind Obama's text campaign. Kevin will be sharing his insight on how youth can mobilize their effort to create change - change we can believe in.

So make sure you check out the website to Register for the only conference of its kind, Sex::Tech 2009. Sex::Tech 2009 is being held the 22nd and 23rd of March at the Marriott Hotel, Post Street, San Francisco, California. Tell a friend, and we'll see you downtown.