Friday, December 19, 2008

Thin or Thick - let's let the ladies decide

I love reading the East Bay Express, although I almost never get around to reading it when it first hits the stands.

This particular story is about condoms - yes, that's right - the condom wars are on and hanging! No little thing (get it, "little thing") either, because this particular showdown is happening in our own backyard. Berkeley's own Mayer Laboratories Kimono Condoms are considered the #1 best thin condoms on the worldwide market- beating out long-time contenders Trojan and Durex.

So what's the big deal - thin condoms, thin crust pizza, I know what I like. What struck me as interesting was the way that Mayer Laboratories has positioned their product - they market the condoms towards a woman's sensibility. Whereas Trojan and Durex talk about "magnum XL" and "thick and ribbed", which make most men feel "powerful", Mayer actually takes a spin from a women's perspective. Women have ranked the light, silky and smooth feel of Kimono condoms superior to their old school competitors.

So whatcha say - if you're gonna wear a condom, and that goes for the ladies, too - since we have a few tricks down our pants as well (wink, wink) I would prefer thin, light and silky to ribbed and rugged - isn't the world a wonderful place - choice for the masses.


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