Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Teen Health Info 24/7

United Kingdom-based Web site www.teenagehealthfreak.org is making interesting strides towards providing teens with accurate and age appropriate health information.

The site has a "diary"
of a hypochondriac 15-year-old boy. This totally caught my eye and I thought it could be a cool way to convey information. But I must admit the "diary" leaves a little to be desired. The "diary" needs to go further and put a little more trust in readers. Kids are smart and mature and they can smell an adult trying to speak their lingo a mile away. The site also has a forum for young people to e-mail health-related questions and receive answers from a health expert. There is also a companion site www.youthhealthtalk.org,that contains videotaped interviews with young people talking about their lives and health concerns. Some of the videos are tapes of actors which is a little dissapointing but maybe they are just seeding the site to get the ball rolling.

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