Friday, August 29, 2008

Ez Texting makes group texting a snap

Ez Texting is a new, easy to use group texting platform ripe for the picking. The platform is easy to use (I signed up for a trial in like 5 seconds) and is much less costly that other offers out there (2.5 cents per message). Ez Texting also offers two-way text which infinitely increases the type of work you can do with it.

It's simple: Sign up. Upload the numbers of the people you want to reach. Compose. Blast off!

The folks at Ez Texting suggest that their program could be used in schools to send out important messages to students; for real estate agents wanting to keep their clients up to date with new listings; or for event promotion and group data gathering.

Potentially a great solution for non-profits on a budget or just individual networking. With so many platforms springing up its hard to know which to try. Nice that Ez Texting offers a free trial to the curious.

Happy Friday folks!

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