Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wrap it up NYC - sweet sweet city condoms

Normally I wouldn't blog this because it's not exactly technology related (although at one moment in time condoms were new), except the website is super rad and the general idea even radder. I couldn't resist.

The simple animations of New Yorkers humping in high rises, and gabbing on the bridge are awesome, and the list of spots where you can pick up free condoms is a goldmine (for those online at least).

What city will hop on next?

Update: Nordstorm did the website design and branding.


LifeLube said...

Hey Phalligator -- thanks for having me fix the link in the lube posting. Would love it if you blogged about the survey, and linked LifeLube in yourlinks :)


Deb said...

This program was completely successful in NYC. I think the list of distribution spots was so great (restaurants, bars, hot spots, etc.) because the condoms are damn beautiful, and the campaign was so good. Anyone know what firm did it? I think NYC DOH was responsible for funding, no?

blog said...

Website design and branding is by Really nice. Their website is worth looking at too for more info about the condom campaign.

Yup, the city funded it.