Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ask Dr. K if you really want to know

A great resource that I have yet to write about is the Ask Dr. K column on the San Francisco City Clinic website. Dr. K (Dr. Jeff Klausner) is the Director of STD prevention and control services at the San Francisco Department of Public Health. His staff, including us at ISIS, help with writing, editing and column accuracy. Here are links to a few good ones:

Oral sex, anal sex and HIV

All about PEP

Yellow stain on underwear = STD?

Size matters for anal sex?

First time annual exam

Kissing and cunnilingus

Ebarrassed about HPV

Even if your question doesn't make it to the website, most are personally answered by City Clinic staff. Have a burning question? Give it a try.


Madeline said...

I can't tell if you were being clever with the "burning question" thing or not. Either way, I found it funny. Um, in a completely serious, STIs aren't funny sort of way, of course.

Phalligator said...

I was being funny, but in the STD world it's like the oldest joke. And people can't get themselves to stop saying it!

Madeline said...

STD, eh?

Phalligator said...

After working for the state it's so ingrained. I'll try harder to remember. Maybe i need a pneumonic...oh wait, it is one kind of.