Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SEXINFO, tree on a plane, badge of honor

So, as I mentioned before, ISIS was awarded a Techie from Grassroots.org for our project SEXINFO. The money arrived, the tabel at the innovations plaza went great, the statue...well, it has a little life of it's own.

I didn't return directly to SF from the NTC in DC. I took a cab to Dulles, then a plane to Boston, then a bus, then a train, then trucked by foot to my friends house. The statue came with me. It didn't fit in my suitcase; it had to be carried. It wasn't until I walked, trained, bussed and crossed security in Boston to head home again that someone actually commented on the statue (there has been plenty of stares). An airport security guard was so excited about it that he offered his own little LCD flashlight into the tree's trunk and the security line got to see the wonderful branches illuminate.

Anyway, It made it home. I made it home. SEXINFO is more known to the world, and I am forever thankful that the tree is in the office and I never have to take it in a train, plane or cab again. Check out these additional Flickr shots of other Techie award recipients.


Deb said...

The tree sculpture, I mean, award, is really weird. It is, however, now proudly displayed on our bookshelf.

Phalligator said...

I had a stuffed bird that was sitting in it at my friend's house in Boston, but it tweeted all the way home and now won't sing.

Beth Kanter said...

One year, I won the swimming upstream award - it was a trout fishing trophy -- and I couldn't take it through airport security! Congrats on the award