Wednesday, April 18, 2007 sponsors ASACP

According to Xbiz, (in line with its model business practice record) has transitioned from being an ASACP member to a full sponsor. For those of us new to this lingo, ASACP stands for "The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection." Read their official list of best practices for websites, or this pdf of guidelines for adult dating sites.

Very loosely related, I found an article in the Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy (March 2007, Vol. 4, No. 1, Pages 93-104) about "virtual child pornography," titled "The International Yaoi Boys' Love Fandom and the Regulation of Virtual Child Pornography: The Implications of Current Legislation." The article is an interesting glance at this mediums precarious place in multiple free/protected speech debacles. Here's the abstract:

This article looks at current international legislation regulating child pornography, particularly at the category of virtual child pornography, or purely fictional images and textual representations of young people defined as minors. This legislation has been drafted primarily with adult male pedophiles in mind in an attempt to stop harm to real children. However, the legislation also inadvertently criminalizes a large, predominantly female group of manga fans who participate in online fan clubs dedicated to a Japanese manga genre known as yaoi, which celebrates love shared between fictional, so-called beautiful boys. Results of this study suggest that there is insufficient research into the effects of this kind of fantasy fandom on girls and young women and that the broad scope of existing legislation, which in some jurisdictions criminalizes these fantasies, may actually be harmful to young people who need the freedom to express sexual fantasies in a secure, supportive environment.

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