Friday, March 9, 2007

To tell or not to tell, Divine Caroline asked me

For what it's worth I'm sharing this interview that a school pal of mine who writes for Divine Caroline did with me. The article appears on in the Body & Soul/Staying Healthy Section, and is called "How to get a piece of mind before getting a piece of tail." Honestly I had no idea that I was actually writing this much of the article, so many of my words that I never thought I would see in print are there. It's fine. The one part I would change however is the question about HIV disclosure. I originally had an extra sentence on the end that was cut out by an said something to the effect that I don't actually feel comfortable making recommendations to folks who are HIV-positive and are planning on disclosing, mostly because I have not been in that situation. (Hold your horses, that doesn't I've had every STD in the book either!)

I also thought the interview was a good way to spread the word about InSPOT, one way to tell any anonymous partners you have that they may have been exposed to something. Blogging about InSPOT has actually increased a little since a few months ago. Check this technorati chart:InSPOT per day for the last 30 days.
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