Monday, March 12, 2007

I am a Nexus

Dallas, my buddy who blogs for Babeland is a massage candle. This quiz ,posted today,tells you which sex toy you are. I am a Nexus (pictured here).

At the end of the quiz it told me this: "Much like a tandem bike, you were built for two. You have a fiery and curious personality that comes out when you’re with the one you love. You have a way of connecting to their passion that makes you unique and often daring. Perhaps you will be the one to introduce them to a new way of loving? Still, you are a simple, sleek, and high quality individual through and through."

I especially love the last sentence.

I also found this porn choosing guide on the Babeland site, which unless you are buying previously viewed DVDs for $5.95 a piece, may come in handy.


dallas said...

Hey, thanks! I love that little quiz. This is what my favorite part of the massage candle quiz says: "once your passion is ignited—watch out! You transform into a hot, radiant beacon"

Phalligator said...

That's totally hilarious.

Alicia said...

So I would be a "bondage harness"!

I bet you can guess why that is :)