Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NTEN Innovation Plaza

ISIS-Inc. has been selected to participate in the Innovations Plaza at the NTEN 2007 Nonprofit Technology Conference! We are very excited and plan on showcasing several of our projects: InSPOT and SEXINFO. We'll of course be able to answer questions about some of our other projects too: Eavesdrop, Californiamen, Massmen, Hookinguponline, STDtest.org.

So far nearly 1000 attendees are listed for NTC, along with numerous exciting guest speakers. Among others, we're excited to meet the following speakers:

Heidi J. Boisvert, Suzanne Seggerman, Benjamin Stokes, Barry Joseph, Karen Michaelson: "Video Games for Social Change: a New Movement"

Jonathon D. Colman: "Using Online Social Networks to Build Buzz..."

Beth Kanter, involved in 4 different sessions: widgits, Flickr, vlogging, etc.

Dale L. Larson, "Think Mobile! More than Text Messaging"

Look for ISIS at the Innovations Plaza on thursday April 5th.


Jonathon D. Colman said...

Hey, sorry that I missed you at NTEN. But I hope you got a chance to attend my session -- I learned a lot by going to others', asking questions, etc. The only problem w/ NTEN: too short and too many competing topics that I want to learn about! :)

Let me know if you'd like a copy of my presentation and I'll send you a download link.
--jdc / burkinaboy {at} gmail.com

Phalligator said...

I didn't get to go actually. I was frustrated b/c I a text message session was at the same time and I needed to say a few things about SEXINFO. I think I have your presentation on that key given out by care2, but if I don't I'll let you know.

Thanks for reading!