Monday, July 2, 2007

Massmen vlogger shows some skin

Daniel, a Massmen blogger known for his chronicle of non-monogamy struggles and recovery from long distance hell, is taking a step by using video blogging for the first time. Meet Victor and hear a little about their trip to Montreal in this first episode:

Nico the Great, another blogger of ours, recently sero-converted. Lately he has been challenged by people with age assumptions and has been frustrated with guys' takes on online status disclosure.
Read: Age is deceiving? and Newbie HIV+ vs. Seasoned HIV+.


Alicia said...

There definitely is another culture around dating and being HIV+ that I was completly unaware of. Some people seem to adjust pretty well (or as well as can be expected) to seroconverting. I have told newly diagnosed positives and I see every reaction to tears, stunned silence, "oh I am not suprised", etc. Clearly everyone handles it differently and then Newbie HIV+ should not be discriminated against!

Anonymous said...

I like the video blogs. Even works on my slow computer!