Friday, June 29, 2007

We're checking IDs at the door

Based on the fact that this blog has the following words:
sex (28x) Orgasm (3x) Porn (2x) Gay (1x)

Like Babeland (thanks again Dallas) we are rated NC-17

I guess it doesn't matter that it didn't find all the other really dirty words like "anal" and "leatherdaddy" and "Plan B" and "kink" and "Rupert Murdoch.", on the other hand, is rated G. because the word sex appears once. huh?


Alicia said...

Are sex and sexual differentiated - the word sexual is written lots of times?

Phalligator said...

Yeah, I think it's just a silly toy...but a fun one too.

Deb said...

This is amazing! That the word "sex" as a stand-alone is flagged, but not sexually or sexual or sexology, for that matter. Why is everyone in our society so afraid of sex?

P.S. shhh, let's not make a big deal about isis' g-rating. we're thankful that young people can get to our services.