Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Join us at Sex::Tech in 2008

ISIS is excited to announce the first conference focusing on technology and HIV/STD prevention for youth! Co-hosted by SFSU's National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC) and Institute for Next Generation Internet (INGI).

When: January 22-23, 2008 Downtown San Francisco
Why: To re-focus technology based prevention efforts for youth in exciting new ways!
Who: Sex::Tech 2008 will bring together young people as well as public health professionals, researchers, teachers, writers, tech industry folks and many more!

We are currently accepting abstracts and workshop proposals.

The conference is limited to 300 attendees, so make your move and register now! To guarantee a youthful presence, we're offering full-time students and people 25 and younger the stellar registration rate of 20 bucks!

Visit for full details, and tell a friend about Sex::Tech using our e-card feature.


Alicia said...

How are you going about recruiting youth for this conference? I bet there would be a ton of Berkeley students interested in presenting/taking part in the conference.

Phalligator said...

We have a few plans, but suggestions are totally welcome. Do you have a good route for engaging the undergrads?

Alicia said...

I wonder if you could speak at some of the big classes (Bio1A! or the undergraduate epi class) or get in contact with student organizations on campus. Although I am sure you have probably already thought of those :)