Friday, June 15, 2007

Television touches (briefly) sex in Second Life

I'm handing over some giant bravery points to Bonnie Ruberg of Bonnie's Heroine Sheik and Jean-Ann Mills from The Electric Sheep Company for standing their ground on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliette (a Fox News affiliate), who are really good at acting like virtual sex is the weirdest thing since jam on pizza.

The show touches on the issue of rape in virtual worlds as well as some details about virtual privates and doin' it.

Watch the Video


Alicia said...

Rape in virtual worlds??!?!? That sounds crazy! As soon as I get home I am going to watch the movie (I have no sound at work)

Phalligator said...

Unfortunately the movie cuts off at a crucial moment, but it is a good introduction to some of the things that people are worried about...and maybe shouldn't be.