Friday, March 6, 2009

Sex::Tech 2009 Focus on Youth is making noise

Happy Friday, y'all! We're in full "conference" mode over here at ISIS, getting ready for our second annual Sex::Tech 2009 Focus on Youth shindig....and we're not the only ones. Found this great little blog, A Day in the Life, that is also is singing Sex::Tech praises. Seems as though lots of students were unsure if they could make it to the conference since it fell on a weekday, but the good news is that Spring Break begins during the same time so it works out perfectly.

Sex::Tech 2009 schedule has been finalized, and it is smokin'! Conference news is being blogged so you keep track of all the latest, last-minute updates and announcements. Sex::Tech 2009 is the only conference of its kind that provides a forum where technology folk, sexual health professionals and youth (ages 14-24) can come together to talk about how technology can be used to promote positive sexual health practices to youth.

We are going to have an amazing host of presenters, including Kevin Bertram, CEO, Distributive Networks, the folks behind Obama's text campaign. Kevin will be sharing his insight on how youth can mobilize their effort to create change - change we can believe in.

So make sure you check out the website to Register for the only conference of its kind, Sex::Tech 2009. Sex::Tech 2009 is being held the 22nd and 23rd of March at the Marriott Hotel, Post Street, San Francisco, California. Tell a friend, and we'll see you downtown.



Christine (A Day in the Life) said...

:o) Thanks for the mention of my blog. I definitely can't wait to attend the conference. I think that the idea of using technology to bring comprehensive sexuality education to the younger generations is great! As a graduated Business major with a concentration in Information Systems and a side-interest in sexuality/health education, this conference is right up my alley. :o)

Shaping Youth said...

yep, post forthcoming on Shaping Youth, too gang...I've noticed several hits on our prior 2008 Sex::Tech post via analytics so folks must be looking for you, I'll get on it! Plus, some teens were clearly seeking guidance, as they wrote, 'your site doesn't have much info' (which can only mean 'about sex' so I referred them your way, and to SexEtc. too...) See you at the conference. Post coming soon. A.