Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Learned all I Know About Sex on YouTube

I found these two STD info videos on Youtube. I was struck by the difference in styles and as a result the difference in the quality of interaction. There seems to be an interesting lesson in a comparison of these two approaches.

While checking these out I was reminded that before I got my wisdom teeth pulled I looked the procedure up on youtube (this is a hilarious activity, I highly recommend it as a perfect time killer.) I was a little nervous about going under and went to youtube to have people tell me that it was going to be ok, for a community of sorts. I wanted to see people not unlike myself go through this procedure, come out unscathed and tell me a funny story about it. I have to believe that others are thinking along similar lines and go to Youtube (and every hub of UGC) as a link to a collective semi-anonymous friend. I had already seen the official medical videos about tooth extraction and went to youtube to hear from a friend. If you look in the comments of the first video there seems to be a friendly back and forth banter. It reminds me of people weighing out the value of some old folk wisdom. People are engaged with the information in a way that is not apparent in the second. Maybe the lesson for public health is that people are looking for friends to share info. and not always someone official behind a desk.

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