Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HIV and STD guessing games

I have two tidbits today:

The first is that in the UK you can now send in a picture of your STD symptoms using your cell phone or a digital camera and have a doctor look at them. In response you will receive advice, or if it's really obvious, a prescription via email. There's a fee...but if you're choosing this route over inaction it seems best to use a high res camera, rather than your cellphone camera!

Another new guessing game (with a much different purpose) is the mtvU project Pos or not. The site presents photos of people and a little information about them. Then you are supposed to guess whether or not the person is HIV+. After guessing you get see if you were right. After several guesses you are given a zip code search box so that you can find a testing site in your area. Perhaps not being able to guess others' status reminds us that we don't always know our own.


Sexual Health Buzz said...

Ok, that really ticks me off that people can send in pictures of their symptoms. It's actually disgusting to me since you and I both know that nobody can be diagnosed over the internet. And how many times in since 1997 have I told folks that symptoms vary from person to person and not everybody has those classic text book symptoms? What a bunch of CROCK!! The pictures on the internet aren't even realistic!! What about the people that don't have symptoms that they can see OR feel OR those that don't get them at all? Everybody (hopefully by now) knows that people can carry STDS.. and that you can't always SEE the STD. Ugh!! I think that idea is HORRIBLE!!

The positive OR not idea.. I have to think about that one since we aren't really supposed to judge a book by its cover.

I'm glad you posted about this though.. it just goes to show you that there are lots of ideas out there but hopefully it's not so they can line their pocket books.


Phalligator said...

Thanks for weighing in! I'm totally with you on the 'sending a picture in' idea. The article keeps going back to the fact that it's great for shy people...and while that's true, don't we all deserve an accurate diagnosis?