Friday, April 11, 2008

Fresh Focus finalist creates promotion for InBrief

Folks may remember Cyrene, animator extraordinaire, from ISIS' Fresh Focus Sex-Ed Video Contest where she was a finalist and crowd favorite for her video "Sex Monster."

Cyrene's at it again. She has made ISIS 2 promo videos for our new contest InBrief...what if ur undies had the last word. The boy-boy version hasn't gotten as much play, so here it is for your enjoyment!

And for nostagia's sake, Sex Monster:

And one more thing, please steal these by clicking on the 'share' button and post where ever you see fit. The more people exposed to this contest, the more conversations that will be started regarding sexual health, boundaries between partners and overall sexual happiness!

The deadline to design your winning panties is fast approaching (May 15th). And if you're not feeling creative, vote for your favorite entries or share them with friends.

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