Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Utterz-ly Amazing

One day humans and computers will merge into one beautiful new super life form á la Battlestar Galactica. But that will undoubtedly end in some cataclysmic hellfire war that will redefine what it means to be truly human. This, thankfully, is still a long way off. Until the end days are upon us, isn't it fun watching technologies merge and reshape how people can communicate? My latest curiosity is a the site, which seems to up the ante on my beloved in the mobile posting game.
With Utterz you can post pictures, video, voice recordings and text straight from your mobile phone all via MMS which means no going online, no clunky cell phone browser and standard text messaging rates. At first glance I was in love because I mistakenly thought I could post my MMS messages straight to my blog/site/social network. I was wrong. Like Twitter you set up a profile page that houses all your Utterz and you can network with other Utter-ers. In order to post your MMS content you have to embed an Utter widget to receive and display your utterz on your personal blog/site/social network.

Check out my Frak montage Utter, I know... I got a little stage fright and couldn't think of anything to say... but the true nerds out there will smile with me.

The direct connection between Utter-ing and sexual health remains to be seen but suddenly there are amazing new vehicles for communication and public and private domains are merging. It is interesting to watch the technologies that will reshape these boundaries.


w.d. said...

i fraking smile with you!

Phalligator said...

Woah, leggy, nice voice.

Allegra said...

hmmm... it seems as though my utter died on the vine. Don't know why but suddenly my recording won't play. Oh Utterz I shake my angry fist at you.

Allegra said...

Oh and PHalligator... sort of like Bruce Banner and the Hulk or Peter Parker and Spiderman it is Allegra during the day - Leggy is my alter ego.