Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Webcam meets social networking sites

The New York Times recently featured an article about several news social networking sites that combine a youtube free-for-all mentality (although youtube is cracking down) with the personal touch from Myspace and Friendster that excited us all back in the day. So how much is new here?

Stickam: Out of L.A., Stickam allows users to build profiles (nothing new there), post videos of themselves (nothing new there) and add a live webcam feed to your profile! Stickam's first project was to create a product that allowed for the addition of webcam to myspace profiles...they were blocked pretty instantly. One good thing about cams however is that you know who you're talking to. Seems like a bit of extra insurance to me..better than the Kids Act of 2007 that I blogged about a few days ago that basically offers an old gummy bandaid to the let's-protect-minors-from-scary-internet-predators craze. Stickam also doesn't have the staff (nor the desire) to censor what's posted, or fed to the site. Hmmm...the possibilities are endless.

Dailymotion: Out of Paris, allows nudity (it's French!), puts no length limits on videos, and also allows a "videoroll."

Liveleak: Out of London, seems to be mostly a site for news...war footage, and heavy stuff. But, I also found this -->

Paltalk: Another live video chat service. The Times article i cited above mentioned that because Paltak charges for some features, minors may be less willing to choose it. That doesn't mean they won't go elsewhere...but whatever.

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