Friday, February 9, 2007 is good for the neighborhod!

The Armory at 14th and Mission, Former National Guard Facility and National Monument (built in 1914), is the new home of, a model online porn company that has done quite well for itself. And while you might think that a porn studio is no threat to this sexy city, you're wrong. There's been quite a stink. Metroblogging SF has covered it quite well, as had the Chronicle. There have also been several lovely protests and countless editorials., on my glance, seems to have a pretty awesome business practices, and they're hiring. They offer a 401K, full health benefits, and have a low employee turnover.'s what folks from the Mission Armory Community Collective think:

"We are working to stop the State Armory and Arsenal in San Francisco's Mission District from becoming a center for human bondage and the mass distribution of degrading images of men and women. We are opposed to, the online fetish porn site, buying this San Francisco building for a film studio."

"We can and do tolerate the rights of our adult neighbors and consenting adults as they practice their lifestyle, but we also expect respect for the rights of our families as we seek to live in a healthy and safe community..."

"We do not want our neighborhood degraded with these images and with what symbolizes."

So when 'innocent children' walk by the Armory in SF, the only way they are going to know anything about what's inside is when there are a gaggle of protestors telling them.

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