Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sexperience: A New Online Sex Education Show

The Sexperience starts off by warning visitors that "This site features very frank and occasionally explicit accounts of personal experiences of sex -- parental guidance is recommended." What follows are 6 episodes of The Sex Education Show, which talks about sex in the most frank and honest way I've seen in a long time. In the first episode a few young men openly acknowledged that most of the information they know about sex comes directly from porn. The kids talk about how friends share sexually explicit content via cell phones and myspace and how readily available this content is to them. The show then goes on to prove a poignant and valuable point. They show young men pictures of penises varying in size and asked the boys to pick out the average size penis for a British male. It turns out that the boys picked a penis that was 2 inches bigger than average. They had a similar test for breasts and without fail the kids picked the surgically enhance breasts as average. It was really amazing to watch the kids begin to understand that their views of average and how they saw their own bodies had been skewed by porn and advertising. And this was just episode 1!

The Sex Education Show
is awesome, in a time where porn is ubiquitous you have to make good information frank and maybe sometimes down right explicit to get the point across. Innuendo and vague references will not do.

Check out The Sex Education Show!

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