Monday, January 14, 2008

Eighteen Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty

That's right, as of this morning, 18,830 votes have been cast in our Fresh Focus Sex Ed Video Contest.


What else can be said? The amount of time and investment each video maker put in to this contest has consistently floored me and that same dedication is showing in the votes. I want to take a moment and write about one of the ten final contenders.

(I want to state up front that I love all ten finalists and plan on writing about each one individually, and my writing about this video first in no way betrays a personal bias. )

The video is called Sex.Ed.101 by Kalimah Abioto from Virginia (which happens to be my home state, hmmmmm maybe a little personal bias.) The video is quiet and thoughtful. Some of the other videos used a rowdy, jolly humor that kept me giggling. But this one was tuned way down like a low pleasant hum. Abioto uses dialogue sparsely and juxtaposes still images with moving ones in a beautiful way. Check it out:

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