Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hooking up online - some quirky truth(s)

I've been following two (one queer and one gay) Massachusetts bloggers, both ultra candid about their experiences with online dating and sex. Their blogs are embedded in the site, a UCSF and ISIS joint project.

So now, let me share my favorite entries from these two spill-it-alls:

Priests, bathrooms, etc. Vlad Junior is a good read all around.

Holy Porn - Priest hookup
Bathroom break
Bathroom break 2
My hookup and my dad - a real tear jerker
Uncle, Nephew, different times - need i say more

Oh Daniel. Daniel and his boyfriend have been trying out and open relationship.

Relationshit! The Victor and Daniel intro
Suck my dick in a bathroom
Relationsigns (cartoons!)
Polyamory here I come Victor and Daniel update
Webcam boy Part 1

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Alicia said...

Wow, those are some deliciously graphic blogs!! Quite a fun read :)